Adela is New York–based photographer, visual activist and lighting designer.
In her projects she transforms contemporary social issues into visual concepts with which she hopes to incite debate, questions and raise awareness to contribute to change.

Adela’s artistic journey started in Prague, Czech Republic and continued with residencies and exhibitions through Europe.

Her work was selected in the European competition on cultural diversity, “Alter Ego,” and then shown in 22 countries in Europe as a part of its traveling exhibit. Additionally, her images were chosen for the exhibition “Pixels of Identities” in Buenos Aires, Argentina and for several exhibits around New York City, including ones in the A.I.R. Gallery, New York.
Her project "All People Are" is currently traveling through 3 countries of Europe (Netherlands, Germany and Denmark) as a part of The Global Village exhibition, and will be exhibited during Figment Festival in Boston, USA 30-31st of July 2016.

Awards and Achievements

2016 "All People Are" exhibited during FIGMENT festival; Boston, USA

2016 Selected as a participating artist for the NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Social Practice; New York City

2016 "All People Are" as a part of "Global Village" traveling exhibition; Honig-factory, Koog a/d Zaan, the Netherlands

2016 "All People Are" as a part of "Global Village" traveling exhibition; city-center of Landshut, Germany

2016 "All People Are" as a part of "Global Village" traveling exhibition; Kulturhuset Brønden, Brøndby Strand, Denmark

2016 "All People Are" shown in contemporary art fair "Pancakes and Booze", NY

2016 "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" exhibition in The Czech Center Gallery, NY

2016 "All People Are" shown in "Up For Debate" show in BRIC House Gallery, NY

2016 "Artificial Communication" shown in "Generation X: Razzle Dazzle" in A.I.R. Gallery, NY

2015 "I won't smile!" shown in "Snap to Grid show" in Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, LA California

2015 "Meteors" shown in "Holiday Salon Show" in Lorimoto Gallery, NY

2015 "Meteors" selected for a show "Brooklyn Oyster Autumn Show" group exhibition at Studio 225bk, NY

2015 "Childhood Through the Looking-Glass" selected for a show "Grand Salon Show Fall 2015" in The Greenpoint Gallery, NY

2015 "ArtCards to Connect" group exhibition in Tenri Gallery, NY

2015 "Wish you were here" group exhibition in A.I.R. Gallery, NY

2014 “Childhood Through the Looking-Glass” selected for a show “Pixels of Identities” international art festival of photography, video art, installation and performing art held in the Galeria de Arte Laura Haber (Juncal) in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2009 Participation in the AlterEgo art residency in Denmark (and following travel exhibition through 22 countries of Europe)

2012 Awarded Second grant from Ceska Sporitelna bank, Inc. and the Rector of the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic

2011 Awarded grants from Ceska Sporitelna bank,Inc. and the Rector of the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic

2010 Placed in 10 best art pieces at Winston Econ Art Competition

2010 2nd prize in the FotoVideo Magazine competition

2009 1st prize in Alterego Art Competition (organized by European Union) for the Czech Republic

2008 1st prize in Shell Photographic competition

2007 2nd prize in Shell Photographic competition

Collaborated with and Assisted

Neal Slavin; Lighting consultant on "The Faith project" , NYC;
Robert Meyer; Advanced Technique in Studio Lighting, Portrait, Fashion and Product Photography, Assistant, NYC;
Ocean Parkway, The Web Series; Photographer and lighting assistant; NYC
Simone Pomposi; Fashion and Beauty Retouching (Advanced PS Techniques), Teaching Assistant, NYC;
Fran Kaufman
; Lighting designer on a photo-shoot with Mr. Paul Jacobs, NYC;
Alice O’Malley
; Fashion Portrait, Studio Assistant, NYC;
Flora Hanitijo; Fashion and Continuing light, Assistant, NYC; 
T. von Thelen; Fashion Editorial, Assistant, NYC;
Toby Old; Lighting in a studio, Assistant, NYC;
Lanie McNulty;  Collaborated on "You Are Invited Into Our Extra-Ordinary Lives" project, NYC;
Harvey Stein; Studio and Environmental Portrait, Assistant, NYC;
EJ Camp; Fashion portrait, Studio lighting, Assistant, NYC;
Andrea Blanch; Fashion Editorial, Assistant, NYC;
Michel Nafziger; Studio Fashion Portrait, Assistant, NYC;
Janusz Kawa; Studio Portrait and Fashion, Assistant,  NYC;
Lester Lefkowitz; Digital Photography Workflow, Teaching Assistant, NYC;
Jeanette May
; Digital Editing, NYC;
Tereza Puchnarova; Collaboration on a project, Prague, Czech Republic;

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