World Mental Health Day

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay!
Let’s try to break stigmas about mental health today!
Here are some awesome people doing incredible work and resources to help you understand the people battling in silence.
Please, consider reading, sharing, donating.
- much love 💙, Ad.

Hope For The Day
Guys in HFTD are doing an amazing work in helping suicide prevention AND they are also making amazing hats, shirts and tote bags!
Check them out!

To all the friends, family and partners struggling to understand people suffering with depression, here is an incredibly accurate illustration. 🤗 AND beloved poet Neil Hilborn ‘s take on mental health Here

🆘 If you or your friend is in need of a help
This is NYC Well line, free and 24/7
In crisis, please call 1.800.273.8255 or 911.

Finally, a blog I came across and looks like a great source of information and ways to get better.

Depression or trauma is a dirty word where I grew up. It’s not only a sign of weakness but a symptom of self-pity, exaggerating tendency and a drama seeking personality. Essentially, a sign of a bad character.
That needs to change.
#bethechange #speakup #dogreat #mentalhealthawareness

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