Adela Wagner, is a multidisciplinary artist, visual activist, and educator, born in Prague, Czech Republic. Her work centers the problematics of gun violence, refugeeism, gender and socio-economic injustice.

She challenges the viewer’s ingrained beliefs with an invitation to an immersive experience that familiarizes them with the issue through a dialogue, and aims to inspire to take action on an individual level.

Adela's practice lies at the intersection of various art forms, ranging from music to photography and film, through immersive installation and interactive art. 

She calls attention to the issues where we collectively became desensitized, to the point of completely forgetting about those who cannot advocate for themselves. 

In her latest piece, Gravity of Equilibrium, she informs about mass shootings in the US through the use of data visualizations, in parallel with stone sculptures that bring up thematics of fragility and impermanence in the socio-political context of the country.

Adela’s work was selected for “Pixels of Identities” in Argentina, displayed in various NYC galleries including BRIC and A.I.R. Gallery, venues around Europe and solo exhibited in the Czech Center Gallery. Additionally, she has been awarded “NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Social Practice” and “Arts, Letters and Numbers” fellowships, as well as the Civic Ignition Grant with Burners Without Borders. 

Since March 15th 2020 she has been acting as an organizer at a grassroots initiative, Crown Heights Mutual Aid, Brooklyn.

Selected awards

2009 Awarded 1st place in AlterEgo Art Competition, European Union, the Czech Republic
2008 Awarded second place at FotoVideo Winter contest. FotoVideo, The Czech Republic
2008 2nd place in Shell Photographic competition. Shell, The Czech Republic


2020 Civic Ignition Grant Opportunity Northeast. Burners Without Borders, NY
2012, 2011 Art organization INDIVISUALS. Ceska Sporitelna the University of Economics in Prague, CZ

Residencies and fellowships

8/2019 Artist in Residence, Summer Residency. Arts Letters and Numbers, NY, USA
8/2017 Cinematography artist in residence. Arts Letters and Numbers, NY, USA
4/2017 Artist in Residence, in collaboration with Mary Prescott. Arts Letters and Numbers Residency, NY, USA
2016-2017 New York Foundation of Art Residency: Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Social Practice; NY, USA
2009 Artist in residence. AlterEgo, Copenhagen, Denmark

Exhibitions and festivals

8/2019 Come make with us: Summer Festival, Arts Letters and Numbers, NY
3-4/2018 Experimental films in ALICE chamber opera show. Arete Gallery; NY
8/2016 “All People Are” exhibited at participatory public art festival. FIGMENT Art Festival; Boston, MA
5-9/2016 All People Are” selected for traveling show through NL, DE, DK The Global Village
2/2016 "All People Are" project shown in "Up For Debate" show. BRIC House Gallery, NY
2/2016 "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" solo exhibition. The Czech Center Gallery, NY
1/2016 "Artificial Communication" shown in "Generation X: Razzle Dazzle". A.I.R. Gallery, NY
12/2015 “ Snap to Grid” group exhibition. Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, LA California
12/2015 “Holiday Salon Show” group exhibition. Lorimoto Gallery, NY
10/2015 "Brooklyn Oyster Autumn Show" group exhibition. Studio 225, NY
9/2015 "ArtCards to Connect" group exhibition. Tenri Gallery, NY
7/2015 "Wish you were here" group exhibition. A.I.R. Gallery, NY
2014 “Childhood Through the Looking-Glass” selected for “Pixels of Identities”. Galeria de Arte Laura Haber, AR
2009 Traveling group exhibition. Alter Ego, 22 countries of Europe

Selected Lectures and Performances

11/2018 Performed “My Love Letter to You” poem on gender queerness. Learn As Protest NY
8/2018 Presenting a lecture on Visual Activism. New York Foundation of the Arts NY
7/2018 Presenting at Convening for Contemporary Art, Education and Social Justice. New Museum, NY
4/2017 Lecture on Visual Activism . The Czech and Slovak Society of Arts and Science, NY

Selected photo & film clients

Radio Wave
Figment Festival
Profiles In Perspectives
The European Procurement Forum; UN
Consulate General of Czech Republic
French Embassy in USA
Austrian Mission to the United Nations
Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, BAAD
Arts Letters and Numbers Residency
Czech National Theater and Opera
Opera at Lincoln Center
Seznam TV

Selected publications & mentions
Quartz Magazine
Foto Video Magazine
Bohemia National Hall
NY art
NYFA Current
Figment Festival, book 2016
Czech Center, NY
Seznam TV, CZ

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