Corporate and Cultural Event Photography

Explore a unique take on event photography tailored for diverse portfolio, varying fromcorporate oriented to diplomatic, cultural, and social justice relatedprograms. Adela Wagner has produced content for media outlets in Czech Republicas well as the United States, and continues to work with diplomatic and humanrights agencies, such as several of European missions by the United Nations,European Union, and European embassies and consulates.



Corporate and Diplomatic circles


Culture and Social Justice related

Notable Clients

AU & CZ Mission by the UN: Official photographer for Blue Danube Ball, 2018

European Union Forum for Procurement: Official photographer 2017, 2018

Czech Accelerator: Official photographer for Czech Tourism, 2018

Alpha Festival: Official photographer & videographer, 2018

Figment Festival: Official photographer years 2015, 2016, 2017

Pride Parade NYC: Official photographer for Radio Wave years 2016, 2017

WWI Centenary in Central Park Summer Stage: Photographer for French Embassy, 2017

Hootenanny Fundraiser for Moms for Action, 2018

Social Work community appreciation, 2018

Urban Well bodywork and healing workshops, 2018

Czech Tourism:  Annual convention photographer,2017

Prawns a laIndigo: Stage photographer, 2017

Czech National Opera: Toufar, 2016

Czech Opera at Lincoln Center, 2016

Czech Center: Official photographer for festival Prague effect, 2016


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